Rare Colt M231 FPW 5.56mm Experimental Marked Transferable Machine Gun


Manufacturer: Colt
Model: M231 FPW
Caliber: 5.56mm
Action: Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt
Barrel Length: 15.6″
Weight: 7.34 lbs
Finish: Parkerized

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This is a rare, experimental marked Colt M231 Firing Port Weapon 5.56mm transferable machine gun.

The M231 was designed to attach and shoot from the firing ports on the M2 Bradley. This open bolt redesign of the M16 increases the firing rate of the weapon, dramatically, to 1225 rounds per minute!

This rare version features the original, early experimental roll markings from Colt, designated it as a M231 F.P.W. (Later versions did not contain the F.P.W. marks). It also features an experimental serial number from Colt in X25519.

This rare example of the M231 FPW also sports an even more rare, factory, collapsible wire stock, created to allow the weapon to be deployed by a soldier outside of the M2 Bradley. Later versions did not feature this ability, as the military decided that the wire stock wasn’t practical to maneuver when attached to the Bradley’s firing ports.

We also currently have a large inventory of replacement parts for the M231 available, including bolts, springs, fire control groups, gas seals, etc.. We will include a small assortment of replacement parts and springs with the purchase of this machine gun.

This experimental Colt M231 FPW is a fully transferable machine gun.