Rare New Unfired Condition Colt M4/M16A2E Marked 5.56mm Transferable Machine Gun


Manufacturer: Colt
Model: M4/M16A2E
Caliber: 5.56mm
Action: Direct Impingement, Rotating Bolt
Finish: Parkerized
Condition: New/Unfired

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This Chestery County Armory listing is for an ultra rare Colt M4/M16A2E marked 5.56mm fully transferable machine gun.

The M4/M16A2E was a transitional version within the M16 family that was only made for a few months by Colt, as they were upgrading from the M16A2 to the M4. The models with this marking were very limited in production before Colt switched them to the XM4 designations. They are rarely seen in any configuration, but especially so in a fully transferable version.

This machine gun is in excellent, like new in the box condition. It has not been fired since it left Colt’s production facility. Internals are exactly what you would expect from a new gun. It is also in excellent cosmetic condition, with only a few minor handling marks on the top of the barrel (see photos).

This machine gun features an M4 profile barrel on a fixed A2 upper, complete with bayonet lug, and telescoping stock. The fire control group is marked SAFE, SEMI, and BURST. This model came to us out of Colt Executive John Keosayian’s personal collection.

This is a fully transferable machine gun.