Heckler & Koch MP5/40 SD .40S&W Transferable Fleming Sear Sub Machine Gun


Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch / Fleming / RDTS
Model: MP5/40 SD
Caliber: .40S&W
Action: Delayed Roller Locked Bolt
Finish: Matte Black

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This Chester County Armory listing is for a Heckler & Koch MP5/40 SD .40S&W transferable machine gun.

This model starts with a transferable Fleming HK sear that was installed and tuned in an HK four position Navy trigger housing by Michael Otte of Michael’s Machines. It utilized an original HK 1-piece hammer and the correct .40 caliber ejector.

The removable suppressor was made by RDTS, who also did the conversion work on an original HK 94 receiver utilizing a true, German made HK .40S&W SD parts kit to create a registered short barrel rifle to act as a host gun. This model features all the correct German .40 caliber SD parts, including the ported barrel, as well as an H&K factory correct folding stock.

This weapon is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. It notes almost no wear or markings of any type, and has not been fired outside of the test firing for the conversion. It has been correctly restamped “MP5/40 SD” and refinished.

This weapon will require three separate NFA tax stamps ( SBR host, suppressor, and transferable machine gun sear). All three are currently on eFormable Form 3’s, and are offered together only.