Winchester SXP Turkey Hunter Pump Shotgun

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Winchester SXP Turkey Hunter Pump Shotgun

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Winchester SXP Turkey Hunter Pump Shotgun -When you need to put a shot pattern the width of a softball into the head and neck of a big Tom, you need a shotgun that aims like a rifle. The SXP Turkey Hunter comes with adjustable fiber-optic rifle sights, and is drilled and tapped for optics. With Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo on the stock, barrel and action, you won’t tip off wary gobblers. The SXP is designed with a chrome-plated bore and chamber, which makes for easy cleaning, long barrel life, and above all, resistance to the harsh elements. Mossy Oak Break-Up Country synthetic stock Back-bored barrel One Invector-Plus Turkey choke Hard chrome-plated bore/chamber Hard chrome-plated bore/chamber


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