Winchester SXP Defender Pump Shotgun


Winchester SXP Defender Pump Shotgun

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Winchester SXP Defender Pump Shotgun – Fit for everything from competition shooting to home defense, this is an all-in-one shotgun. Built to make shooting easy, it features non-glare metal surfaces to ensure you can always keep your eye on the target, a forearm that’s textured with grooves to help keep your grip and aim steady, and a stock made of a durable synthetic to keep your gun in excellent shape for years to come. Whether you’re shooting buckshot or rifled slugs, this six-shell capacity shotgun can handle anything you throw at it. With a rotary bolt that makes take-down and cleaning easier, and an inertia-assisted action that helps speed up the ejection of spent shells and allows you to quickly re-aim, this will be the most efficient and user friendly shotgun in your collection. You can also customize it any way you like, with the pre-drilled receiver that’s ready for your choice of sight mounts and rails.  Synthetic stock with textured gripping surfaces Ribbed forearm Hard chrome-plated chamber and bore Fixed cylinder choke Rotary bolt Black chrome bolt


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